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Top 5 law firms for trainee retention

When you’re choosing which law firm to apply to, you’re not just thinking about the training itself but also the career you’ll have afterwards. It’s good to know how likely you are to be able to stay at the firm of your choice, and also how likely you’ll be to work in your pick of department.

Here’s our list of the top five law firms for trainee retention, as ranked by the Inside Buzz surveys on TARGETjobs in summer 2018. You can find out more about how graduates rank their employers (including numerous law firms) from our Inside Buzz surveys /targetjobs-inside-buzz, which gather views on aspects of working life ranging from offices and dress to working hours as well as gathering interview tips for specific organisations.

1. Burges Salmon LLP – 9.5/10

‘Very good. The whole of my intake have been offered jobs.’

‘100% of second-year trainees have been kept on for qualification. I think the retention rate is generally very good and you will always be approached with other options if you are not successful in securing your first choice.’

‘It is 100% this year although not everyone got their first choice. If you are strong, they will always try to keep you, but it may mean offering you a different department to your first choice.’

2. Akin Gump – 9/10

‘The firm has a small trainee intake because it wants to keep the trainees it takes on. I would very much like to qualify here and hope to do so next year.’

‘The firm puts in a lot of effort into ensuring that all trainees who want to qualify into a specific practice group are able to do so. This is on the condition that they have evidenced a sufficient standard of work and a good attitude.’

‘Retention rates have historically been good.’

3. Travers Smith LLP – 8.8/10

‘There's been pretty much 100% retention this year. Provided you work hard and perform well, you are very likely to be offered a job.’

‘They are generally extremely high and I'm confident that they won't drop too much (if at all) due to Brexit.’

‘Retention rates are very high. People are generally confident of qualifying if they want to.’

4. Baker McKenzie LLP – 8.8/10

‘They could be a little better but there is often scope to offer a range of departments as potential qualification options.’

‘Very good. I believe 13 out of 14 people got offered jobs this time.’

‘There is little transparency around retention, though the rates themselves are good.’

5. Foot Anstey LLP – 8.8/10

‘Retention rates are very good with the firm retaining 90% to 100% of trainees historically.’

‘The firm has very good retention rates, which makes me feel positive that I will be kept on upon qualification.’

‘There is a job for every trainee at the end of the contract.’

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