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Top 5 graduate employers for diversity

Which employers are highly rated by their graduate recruits for the systems they have put in place to attract, support and develop a diverse workforce? Here... (view)

Posted 6 August 2018.

Top 5 graduate employers for green initiatives

For many graduates, the effort a company puts into being environmentally conscious is becoming an increasingly important factor when choosing who to work for.... (view)

Posted 2 August 2018.

Top 5 graduate employers for relations with management

Interacting with management is an important part of your professional development in your first job after finishing your degree. Graduate recruits rely on... (view)

Posted 2 August 2018.

Top 5 graduate employers for hours

The hours that graduates are expected to work can vary greatly across industries, companies and stages of their career. They also need to be considered in the... (view)

Posted 2 August 2018.

Top 5 graduate employers for satisfaction with work

How much you will enjoy the work is arguably one of the most crucial things to think about when deciding where to apply for a graduate job or training scheme.... (view)

Posted 2 August 2018.

Top 5 graduate employers for salary

Keen to earn a high salary in your first graduate job? Whether you’re looking at basic salary, progression down the line or bonuses and incentives, the rewards... (view)

Posted 2 August 2018.

Top 5 graduate employers for workplace culture

The culture of your workplace will have a huge impact on your experience of your first graduate job. Friendly colleagues, a collaborative atmosphere and... (view)

Posted 2 August 2018.

Florence Harrall

The application process was made up of a series of written questions based around why I would like to attend The Future Female Engineers event and what I... (view)

Posted 12 June 2018.

Inside City Law: how I made it from the reserve list to attend on the day

In March I was lucky enough to attend the TARGETjobs Inside City Law event, held at RPC in London. This was an exclusive networking event that was a chance to... (view)

Posted 29 March 2018.

Stephanie Leaver

I secured my graduate job with BAE Systems after meeting them at Future Female Engineers Attending the Future Female Engineers event was a great way to meet... (view)

Posted 23 February 2018.