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I joined ISG as a Graduate Design Manager, and having completed the Graduate Programme I now work as an Assistant Design Manager


Precious Benson

Assistant Design Manager


I joined ISG as a Graduate Design Manager, and having completed the Graduate Programme I now work as an Assistant Design Manager. ISG’s Graduate Programme presented an appealing opportunity for me to contribute towards some of London’s most exciting construction projects and work with (and learn from) the most experienced and diverse people in our industry.

Their Graduate programme clearly aligned with my career ambitions and showed a motivating pathway towards becoming a Design Manager. As part of the programme I have completed rotations across the business which has given me a real insight into the different departments and projects we work on. ISG offer a formal training programme which encapsulates core behavioural skills and construction best practice, which relate back to ISG’s four values and four organisational goals.

No day at ISG is the same but the below gives you a taste of the activities I do. • 5:45am ALARM bell rings!! I like to start my day early – I also like to make sure I get my iced latte with a shot of hazelnut syrup! I leave home at 6:45am and make my journey to site • 07:50am Arrive to site/plan my day: I like to take the first 10 minutes to myself to plan my day. I look through my calendar and check any meetings I have scheduled for the day. Write down my to do list and key dated items. • 08:00am Review emails: I note down any design queries, requests for information and updates to design or information. • 09:00am Team meeting: Each Monday, we go over any outstanding items that need addressing. Review past actions and close out items and discuss/brag about what we did at the weekend! • 11:00am Samples: As a design manager one of our responsibilities are to ensure samples are arranged for delivery to site for client/architect review. This means calling up subcontractors and asking them to provide samples specified on the architects finishes schedule. When received this is presented in the sample room and status of approval is tracked • 12:00am Design workshop: During design development, each subcontractor produces drawings, and it is our job to ensure it is in line with the contractors’ proposals, whilst ensuring co-ordination and buildability with other design packages. • 1:00pm LUNCH: If I don’t bring lunch from home, I always opt for something healthy! • 2:00pm Reviewing drawings on ACONEX: Again, it is good practice to review Aconex daily. We use this to share information with subcontractors the architect and client team. • 3:30pm Showroom Visit: If we have a particular product or system on the project that we may not have worked with, we can visit the showroom to get a greater understanding of the different finishes/products on offer and understand its buildability. • 5:30pm Home time: After a productive day, I head off to the gym for a quick workout

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