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Who are we?

Sigma Labs is a technology consulting firm: we help some of the world’s leading companies by providing high-potential software & data engineering talent. We do this by:

  • sourcing outstanding graduates from diverse backgrounds (regardless of subject, school or experience);
  • amplifying their potential with truly world class training;
  • placing our graduates with clients for 2 years real world experience;
  • providing life long support to ensure our graduates excel throughout their careers.

Why we're different?

  • We invest everything in our graduates (and by doing so we help our clients);
  • We hold ourselves to high standards: through the application process, the training, and the 2 years;
  • We keep it simple and let our actions speak for us.
  • Our mission is social mobility through a 2 year high performance foundational job in the technology industry.

What we offer?

  • 12 week intensive training: full stack development, data science & best practise industry fundamentals;
  • 2 year job: after the training, you'll work for 2 years earning £30,000/year helping our clients solve real world problems. This hands on experience will be supplemented with technical & professional support;
  • The Goal: at the end of the 2 years, you'll join our Network: a group of over 100 Directors (or more senior) at the world's leading organisations, who've all committed to help Sigma Labs alumni take the next step in their careers. At this point, our goal is that you're able to earn £40,000 to £50,000/year.

Culture and Values

This is what we offer – the chance to pursue a meaningful mission alongside a group of people working for each other, and trying to deliver exceptional outcomes. There is a pressure and sense of urgency that comes from expecting great things but we believe the mission is worth it.

Team first: self second – remove ego. We try to deliver excellence every day for the person who’ll build on or work...the person sitting next to us – it's about being part of something bigger;
Thoughtful respect: this doesn’t mean being ‘nice’, it means showing someone the respect to give them honest feedback, to challenge their work, to demand a higher standard. And to expect the same from them;
Performance in the moment: what we did last year, the universities we went to, the grades we got, aren’t important. High performing teams care about what you’re doing right now;
Entitled to nothing, grateful for everything: the two key components of our business model - education and talent - are exceptionally difficult and notoriously ruthless: we are not entitled to succeed, we have to earn it every day – this requires resilience;
Constant improvement: we invest upfront in defining goals, taking notes, reading, practising – and running at hard feedback – without these, improvement is impossible. We’re geeks through discipline and curiosity;
Really caring: having any meaningful impact almost always requires sustained difficult effort - so it is really important that we care deeply about finding the right answers, making sure our work is excellent, and about the people we impact;
High cadence: tying all of the above together is a sense of urgency to more quickly every day.

Equality and diversity

We are a mission driven education B-Corp. We source & prioritise outstanding graduates from less advantaged backgrounds, provide world class technical training and then aim to employ them as high performance junior consultants for 2 years. We engage with some of the leading charities in the social mobility sector because it is an extraordinarily complex subject, and given the overlap with diversity, we employ a high percentage of diverse candidates. However we don’t bring you on because you’re from a diverse background, we bring you on because you’re outstanding.

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Facts and figures
  • Number of employees: 1 to 10
Industry sectors
  • Technology
  • Software Engineering
  • Business & Systems Analysis
  • Consulting