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Aashni Chohan

White & Case LLP

How you secured your TC and why you chose White & Case

I was offered my TC after completing the White & Case Vacation Scheme. I was interested in the Firm’s high profile and complex deals across multiple jurisdictions and the opportunity to work with international clients and lawyers. One of the most appealing elements of the White & Case TC is the guaranteed overseas seat. In particular, I was attracted to the Firm’s market-leading work in the renewable energy and infrastructure sector.

Typical activities and key responsibilities of your role as a trainee at White & Case

During my first seat in International Arbitration/ ESG Advisory, I worked in a small team to produce memorandums for clients ranging from corporate to government entities on improving their carbon emission reduction policies and projects. Considering the rapidly growing and evolving ESG landscape, the research that I undertook as a trainee was often very complex and technical, yet highly engaging. I was encouraged to draft sections of the legal memorandums and highlight potential risks associated with certain carbon credit projects, or provide solutions to particular problems the client was facing with regard to their current carbon credit schemes.

What training have you received during your TC

The first two weeks of the TC was an induction where we were introduced to the White & Case London executive committee, provided software training, and shown how to use the Firm’s document management systems and legal technology platforms. As I was sat with International Arbitration, I then attended a week of disputes training on privilege, enforcement of arbitral awards, disclosure costs, settlements, introduction to mediation, disputes funding and witness statements. We also attended a rolling training programme where we were introduced to specific trainee tasks such as filings, drafting witness statements and making court applications. I found this really helpful before undertaking some of these tasks during my seat.

Your work highlights so far

Some of the most exciting work I was a part of involved advising a government entity on setting up its own Voluntary Carbon Credit Market (VCM). This was a large-scale project which involved research into various jurisdictions and current global VCM Standards. Building a regulatory system from scratch was interesting as it involved thinking about technical legal questions such as defining the legal nature of a carbon credit and the ownership/ fungibility rights attached to it. This was the type of innovative and forward-thinking client work that I wanted to be involved in when applying to the Firm.

What you enjoy the most about your job so far

As well as working on a variety of interesting work streams, I have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with lawyers from a variety of different backgrounds at the Firm. Especially when working late nights, it is important to work with friendly and supportive people. This certainly makes the team-work element of the job really enjoyable.

What challenges you have faced and how you have overcome any difficult situations, including any support that may have been provided

I have just started my new seat in Debt Finance. I initially found it challenging to understand the new jargon and complicated security structures for some of my deals. Despite the fast-paced nature of finance deals, the team have been incredibly supportive in taking the time to explain and answer all of my questions. The team have further set up a weekly Trainee Workshop to focus on practical points and issues that we encounter as we get more familiar with the work and typical trainee tasks.

Why you like working for White & Case and your favourite work perk

The relationships I have developed with the people at White & Case has majorly contributed to my enjoyment at the Firm. The trainees in my cohort are very supportive which creates a positive work environment. The associates and partners are approachable and are invested in helping you to form and shape your own career path. My favourite work perk is the free food at BSK for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Not only is it really convenient, but also a great place to socialise and catch-up with your friends.

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