Strategy& Black Talent (Graduate Pathway), London, 2024

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Insight programme

Strategy& Black Talent is a supported recruitment pathway to a full-time Associate Role, where you’ll meet and learn from our inspiring Black leaders. They’ll share their career journeys with you and explain why we’re passionate about diversity, giving you the chance to find out what a future career with us in strategy consulting could look like. You’ll have the opportunity to attend a virtual insight day followed by an (optional) in-person networking event hosted in our London office.

Black talent is currently underrepresented in our industry and recent stats have shown that there are only 11 Black equity partners across the largest four accountancy firms in the UK, with over 50% of whom are partners at PwC . We know we have more work to do in reaching Black students and encouraging them to explore opportunities at PwC. We hope this pathway will help pave the way to a more diverse workplace and support those with Black African or Caribbean heritage, including those from Black African and Caribbean mixed/multiple ethnic groups.

Business area

PwC’s Strategy& team is a market-leading consulting practice consisting of approximately 400 consultants in London, and benefits from the broad expertise and international reach of the wider PwC and Strategy& networks. Strategy& can offer you a career with diverse and challenging assignments - our teams work with a wide variety of UK, European and Global corporate clients (from large consumer goods companies, online retailers, start-ups and FinTechs to charities, government departments and the public sector) and investors (private equity and investment funds). We help our clients solve their most important challenges and redefine the future through a range of projects, such as growth strategy, market entry, mergers and acquisitions and value creation. We evaluate each client's unique proposition and market positioning, identifying both innovative opportunities for growth and risk areas that need to be addressed.

What you'll do

During the insight day, we’ll provide hints and tips on how to showcase your skills and experiences on your CV, how to write effective and relevant motivational question responses and begin to build your commercial awareness. There will also be a dedicated case study workshop based on a project that the Strategy& team has recently completed, allowing you the opportunity to practice in a friendly, open and supportive environment. Throughout the day there are many opportunities to ask questions and network with the team.

At a later date, attendees will then have the opportunity to join us in our London office for a networking evening, where you’ll meet our team in-person. They will speak candidly about strategy consulting and our firm, and answer any questions you may have.

What you'll gain

After attending the insight day and networking event, you’ll be able to continue the application process for a full-time Associate role within the Strategy& team. If successful at the next stage, you’ll be invited to take part in our assessment days. Participants will also be allocated a buddy to offer help and support throughout the remainder of the process.

Please note that you’ll not be assessed during the insight day or at the networking event.

What you'll need

To be eligible for this pathway, you’ll need to be:

  • entering your final year of undergraduate/postgraduate study this autumn or be a recent graduate who’s able to start a full-time Associate role in autumn 2025 or spring 2026
  • have permission to work in the UK by the start of your internship in summer 2025 and to start a full-time Associate role in autumn 2026 or spring 2027
  • be available to attend a virtual insight day on Friday 4th October 2024.

When to apply

  • Please submit your application by Monday 22nd July 2024

    • You do not need to include your CV in your initial application.
    • Please select ‘no’ when asked to confirm in the application form that you’ve uploaded a copy of your CV.
    • After completing your application you will receive a link to complete the online test, you will have seven days to complete this.
    • We advise that you keep a copy of your motivational questions answers to hand as you will want to revisit these should you be invited to attend our insight day.
  • Decisions will be communicated to applicants by Friday 6 September 2024.
  • The Black Talent insight day is scheduled to take place on Friday 4 October 2024, with the optional in-person networking evening on Monday 7 October 2024.
  • If you wish to continue along the process of applying for our full-time Associate role, you’ll be invited to submit your CV and revised motivational question responses.
  • If successful, you’ll be invited to take part in our assessment days.
  • Assessment days will be held mid-November 2024 to early-December 2024 (please note dates will be confirmed and communicated with applicants as soon as possible)
  • Formal full-time Associate role offers will be made the week of your final round interview.

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