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Top 5 graduate employers for salary

Keen to earn a high salary in your first graduate job? Whether you’re looking at basic salary, progression down the line or bonuses and incentives, the rewards you can expect will be an important factor to take into account when you’re planning your graduate career and deciding where to apply.

If you’re interested to know which graduate career offers the highest pay, our list of the best-paid graduate professions draws on survey data from the Institute of Student Employers to give you a broad overview.

Want to know more about the range of benefits on offer from graduate employers, from golden hellos and health insurance to the limitless holiday allowance? Check out our guide to employment perks and benefits.

Here are the top five employers for salary, as ranked by Inside Buzz surveys available on TARGETjobs in summer 2018.

1. Aldi Stores (Ireland) – 9.9/10

‘The graduate-level salary is a leader both in the industry and nationwide.’

‘The remuneration package at every level of the business is extremely generous. I am not aware of any other graduate scheme that offers the same level of remuneration.’

‘It's well above average for a graduate with incremental increases every year for five years. I have just moved into year two and my salary is triple that of most of my friends who have recently graduated.’

2. Kirkland & Ellis International LLP – 9.7/10

‘It's way above the next best firm. I'm very happy with the remuneration.’

‘Trainee pay is very good and associate pay is at the top of the market.’

‘Our salary is market-leading.’

3. The Phoenix Partnership – 9.6/10

‘It's a very high starting salary for the experience and the annual pay reviews are usually quite high and independent of your colleagues' performance.’

‘There are regular and generous pay reviews. We also regularly review pay for similar roles at other companies and can openly discuss it at any time.’

‘The pay is excellent, especially due to the low cost of living near the office and the other perks provided for employees.’

4. EY-Parthenon – 9.5/10

‘One of the best 1st year graduate pay packages I know of.’

‘We are very well remunerated for our efforts.’

‘It's more money than I ever thought I would earn at this stage in my career! I couldn't be anything other than satisfied I think.’

5. Cooley (UK) LLP – 9.4/10

‘Our base salary is one of the best in the market and the benefits are good too.’

‘City solicitor salaries are somewhat out of control. However, I'm in no way complaining with my US law firm salary.’

‘Pay at Cooley is very competitive. Trainees are eligible for the bonus scheme.’

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