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Deadline time! Graduate jobs closing next week

Many employers are bringing their applications for graduate roles to a close before the end of October. Employers including Oliver Wyman, the Civil Service,... (view)

Posted 18 October 2017.

Graduate vacancies closing next week: don't miss out!

Autumn is definitely upon us, with the leaves turning golden and those graduate job deadlines coming thick and fast. It’s an especially good week for... (view)

Posted 4 October 2017.

Five top tips for our IT's not just for the boys! event

What do you need to cover when you're researching employers before a careers event, and what kind of questions should you prepare to ask? Here are five top... (view)

Posted 2 October 2017.

Check out next week's graduate job deadlines: time to apply

Whether you’re considering a graduate career in education, sales, science or property, you’ll find vacancies that will interest you on TARGETjobs, along with... (view)

Posted 27 September 2017.

Graduate job deadlines that need your attention now!

September is well under way – just as your job applications should be. While it might not be quite acceptable to opt for pumpkin spiced lattes yet, you can... (view)

Posted 13 September 2017.

How important are extracurricular activities at uni?

It’s crucial to max out on involvement in university clubs and societies that take your fancy. Obviously don’t spread yourself thinly, but make sure that you... (view)

Posted 31 August 2017.

10 tips to get you through your final year at university

There’s no point sugarcoating it: finals are hell. Book-filled, tear-sodden and Berocca-fuelled hell. Unfortunately, there’s no escaping the stress; you just... (view)

Posted 22 August 2017.

Katie Bennett

Katie Bennett secured a placement with Arup by attending Future Female Engineers! I had been interested in Arup as a company since starting my second year at... (view)

Posted 18 August 2017.

Nakai Jirira Learn from Nakai, as she shares her experience of, and gives her advice for, attending IT's not just for the boys!

I started researching career events in my last year of university and came across TARGETjobs IT’s not just for the boys! event. This was indeed a lucky find!... (view)

Posted 18 August 2017.

Amira Remadna

Amira met IBM at IT's not just for the boys! Since then she has secured her dream security placement with IBM My name is Amira Remadna and I am second year... (view)

Posted 18 August 2017.