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Graduate management careers with a healthcare twist

If you want to learn how to be a manager, you could find your niche in healthcare. From finance and HR, to project management and informatics, the sector offers a huge variety of roles to suit graduates from all degree backgrounds.

There are hundreds of different careers in the NHS and a similar number in the private healthcare sector. So, finding a career to match your skills and qualifications shouldn’t be a problem. Alongside the well-known medical professions, there are a wide range of healthcare jobs behind the scenes. There are also positions in organisations such as the armed forces, private companies and day centres.

Estates and facilities

If you secure a role in estates and facilities, your work will be concerned with the buildings where care is delivered – making sure they are safe and comfortable for those who use them. This could be anything from building design and engineering to project management and maintaining the general appearance of a hospital.

Key skills and abilities graduates need

  • project management
  • teamwork
  • communication
  • the ability to pick up relevant technical knowledge quickly.

Human resources

HR professionals are needed in every sector, and healthcare organisations are no exception. As a HR manager or assistant you will be responsible for the recruitment and retention of staff. You might also have to handle formal complaints and disciplinary action, organise staff training and development, and maintain strong working relations with employees. You will need a good understanding of employment legislation in order to give useful and relevant advice.

Key skills and abilities graduates need

  • people skills
  • negotiation
  • tact and diplomacy
  • a high level of organisation.

Health informatics

Healthcare employers require specialists in information and communication technology (ICT). Experts in managing and analysing all sorts of data are needed to improve efficiency and the patient experience. Graduates can find roles in areas such as help-desk support, applications and systems development, systems analysis and staff training.

Key skills and abilities graduates need

  • analysis
  • problem solving
  • creative thinking
  • in-depth technical knowledge, or the ability to develop this rapidly.

Management and finance

Health service managers are found in all areas of healthcare. They work with clinical and non-clinical staff and are responsible for the delivery and commissioning of local healthcare, taking into account advances in medical technology and public expectations. Finance managers in particular deal with financial data, budgets and audits, and ensure that staff are paid correctly. Whatever the role, graduates with the ability to balance financial and policy demands with the needs of patients and clinical staff are in demand.

Key skills and abilities graduates need

  • leadership
  • communication
  • decision making
  • strategic awareness
  • teamwork
  • the ability to manage different demands and priorities.

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