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Alternative careers in education

Alternative careers in education

AGCAS editors help you to explore the careers in education open to you other than teaching in a school, whether you’ve already trained as a teacher or are still considering your options.

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Some potential careers in education don’t even involve children!

Interested in working in education, but don’t want to teach in a school? Whether you’re a student or graduate who’s considering teacher training, or you’ve already completed it, there are loads of career options open to you. And many of them don’t involve working in a traditional school and classroom environment. There are some potential careers that don’t even involve children!

We’ve chosen some of the most popular career paths in education that don’t involve classroom teaching to give you a starting point. For more information and an in-depth overview, turn to the fact-packed Education Alternatives publication from AGCAS, written by experienced university careers advisers and bursting with inspirational, relevant and up-to-date advice.

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Alternative provision

This refers to education outside of schools and includes pupil referral units, hospital schools, home teaching services, tuition centres and e-learning centres, among others. It can also refer to arrangements made by schools for those at risk of exclusion, such as placements in further education colleges, vocational training or projects run by the voluntary or private sector.

Training and development

Training and development officers or managers oversee the professional development of an organisation's workforce, giving staff the understanding, practical skills and motivation to carry out particular work-related tasks. The role may include delivering induction training for new recruits, carrying out appraisals and agreeing personalised training programmes for individual staff.

Careers and educational guidance

Careers and educational guidance includes roles like careers adviser, adult guidance worker and careers information officer. A careers adviser provides careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) inside and outside education. Adult guidance workers advise clients on employment, training and educational opportunities in order to help them make well-informed and realistic decisions about their future. A careers information officer provides relevant information resources for clients and staff of a careers service, usually in a higher education institution.

Family support and advocacy

Family support and advocacy includes parent support advisers who work with parents and carers, in the context of schools, to help improve behaviour and attendance, overcome barriers to learning and increase the number of parents involved in their child’s education, both at school and at home. There are also parent partnership officers, who help parents make informed decisions about their children’s education and support arrangements. The service offers advocacy to parents in situations where there is disagreement with the school or local authority about catering for a child’s particular needs.

Adult and community education

Adult and community education is voluntary and available to all members of the community. Classes range from recreational and basic skills to vocational training and foundation courses for degree entry. Jobs include community education officers, who promote and encourage participation in lifelong learning, and adult education lecturers/tutors who teach it.

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