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For careers advisers: how TARGETjobs helps you

Our website has all the latest vacancies and up-to-the-minute careers information and resources you’d possibly want to complement your own resources and guidance sessions. After all, at TARGETjobs we’ve been helping students and graduates make better career decisions for 30 years through both the development of our own expertise and through building relationships with recruiters; we provide impartial, authoritative and trustworthy advice.

Gain targeted advice for every stage of the careers journey

Our guidance and advice fits into three stages. We have...

Careers advice and resources for students and graduates exploring their career choices

Whether your students are completely undecided about their career choice or are ready to apply and attend interviews, we have them covered in our careers advice section. For example:

Our internships section helps students find and obtain as much work experience as possible. Also covering part-time and zero-hours-contract jobs and gap years, it explores topics such as the law on unpaid internships; how to get work experience after graduating; and how to get the most from part-time jobs and extracurricular activities.

Our postgrad section helps students find the courses that are right for them – and helps them to decide whether to pursue further study and, if so, how to market their qualification to employers.

We’d urge you to have a browse around our site, as here we’ve only touched on some of the topics we cover.

Careers advice and resources for students and graduates who are interested in specific sectors

From accountancy to teaching, we provide advice for students wanting to go into specific career areas. We have organised our content into 25 different career sectors. The content in each section is entirely tailored to that career sector, but typically includes information on different job options within that sector, which employers accept 2.2s and guidance on the recruitment process – including writing a CV tailored for that sector, typical interview questions and what happens on assessment days.

Careers advice and resources for students and graduates who are interested in specific employers

For those students and graduates with a shortlist of employers to apply to, we have all of the information they need on our employer profiles. In addition to graduate job and internship vacancies and information provided by the employer, on selected hubs we provide unique advice on aspects of the employer’s specific recruitment process.

Get your hands on print publications for students

In addition to the TARGETjobs website, we also produce a range of print publications to help students with their career decisions and job hunt.

Promote our employer events and competitions

Did you know that TARGETjobs runs a range of networking and employability events designed to bring together students and employers? These are a perfect complement to your own offerings; occurring off-campus, they help to widen students’ horizons and help them form a strong network outside of university.

Deliver outcomes for your students via TARGETconnect

One of the capabilities our parent company, GTI, offers is TARGETconnect, a cloud-based careers services delivery and management tool. It replaces a range of separate tools and processes with a unified, single careers management system, enabling careers and employability teams to manage their interactions with students and employers alike – alongside helping with case management.

Take a look to see how it can help you.