Life as a pupil at Atkin Chambers

Laura studied Economics and Political Science at the University of Washington (USA) before completing the GDL and BPTC at City Law School.


laura Hussey


Atkin Chambers


The primary word I would use to describe the pupillage process at Atkin Chambers, is fair. From the initial interview to pupillage and finally the all-important tenancy decision the whole process is designed to encourage you to succeed.

The interview process is refreshingly different as the interviewers are not there to catch you out but instead give you the chance to prove yourself. Pupillage itself is obviously high-pressured but there are no expectations to work evenings or weekends. The tenancy application process is extremely fair. You are given the best chance to do as well as you can, with no other pressures placed on you during this period.

Pupillage at Atkin provides you with a good grounding on which to build a successful and busy practice. During pupillage I had the opportunity to work on many varied and interesting cases. The chance to work on substantial global infrastructure projects worth billions of pounds, cases in the Court of Appeal and international arbitrations in the Middle East and Latin America, exposed me to the high-quality and valuable disputes covered at Atkin.

One of the great features of pupillage is that you are given feedback throughout, my pupil supervisors always took the time, no matter how busy they might have been, to discuss in depth the work I produced. They were always happy to discuss any questions I had, ensuring I got the most out of my pupillage. I appreciated the opportunity to talk through case issues with my pupil supervisors and other senior members of Chambers, and I genuinely felt like my opinion was respected and considered. Straight from the start the members and staff at Atkin Chambers go out of their way to make you feel welcomed and to involve you in Chambers life. Friday night drinks are a great chance to get to know members of Chambers other than your pupil supervisors.

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