Meet Joshua, Technology Graduate at Fidelity International

Joshua is a former Industrial Placement student and current Technology Graduate at Fidelity International. He shares with us why feeling valued at work is so important, and his top tips for applicants.


Joshua Ihenacho

Business Analyst/Technical Analyst

Fidelity International

My name is Joshua Ihenacho and I’m a Technology Graduate at Fidelity International. I started as an Industrial Placement student, and loved my year so much, that I came back full-time! The role that technology plays in the financial services industry wasn’t something I’d truly considered or understood before. This wasn’t the career I’d expected to build when I started my degree, but I am really enjoying it. I hope my experiences inspire you to find the path that’s right for you, as well.

I attended Loughborough University and studied Information Technology Management for Business. Fidelity International came to my attention through a careers seminar on campus. I then used TargetJobs to look up more information on the business, and the roles available. Definitely take advantage of reading their posts with interview advice! You can also watch their YouTube videos and attend online events to find out more about the business and the application process.

Right now, I am a Business Analyst stroke Technical Analyst within the Enterprise Data team. To explain this a little more; I act as the facilitator between understanding the needs of the business process I am working on and creating the systems which democratise this knowledge for stakeholders. What this means in practice is varied. I’ll often find myself researching and analysing internal technology, implementing changes to our systems, voicing improvements, testing, planning and monitoring how all of these activities all fit to the bigger picture of Fidelity’s strategic direction. As Technology & Digital in Fidelity is a global function, I am often sitting in calls with senior business managers and technical specialists to ensure my tasks are aligned with the priorities of the business.

My favourite part of the programme is how hands-on it is. The best experience so far has been the 8-week technology graduate project that I just completed. Graduates were grouped into teams and assigned real projects to help expose and equip us with knowledge of our Technology & Digital agenda, before joining our main placement teams. This was a brilliant way to understand what Fidelity is trying to achieve, and to feel part of the progress we’re making. The opportunities on the graduate scheme are always evolving and I’m excited to see what they have in store for me next.

The people here are a big part of what makes Fidelity unique. As a global community there is real push to ensure the well-being and mental health of everyone is considered. This makes it encouraging to come into work every day. I feel like I am valued as a person, as well as for my contribution to the business. A perfect example of this is the fact that I chose to come back after my placement year, despite the fact that I had been on my placement during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. The working world as we knew it was turned on its head, and it was a really challenging time for a lot of businesses, bringing a lot of confusion and uncertainty for employees. However, I still remember how we were treated by the company - simply, as real people with real concerns and worries. Initiatives were set up to ensure we all had adequate working from home arrangements and communication was constantly pushed to ensure our needs were reviewed, understood, and met. Welfare was put at the forefront of the conversation. This same supportive attitude is still evident today and definitely makes me feel valued.

If I could offer one tip to people looking for their graduate job, it would be to be curious at all times. Curiosity is one of our key business behaviours, and the message really rings through the programme - no one has all the answers, so we’re all in the same boat. Technology is a big ship that never stops sailing. If you’re truly passionate about technology, bring that into your application. Give specific examples when you speak to people, bring it out with how you structure your CV. Remember that you don’t need to know everything too! Focus on what you do know - and what you want to learn. That curiosity and desire to engage in challenging subject areas will make you stand out; lead with it and you’ll be fine.

I’d also really encourage you to bring your full self to any placement, job, or interview. This was something I had to learn. Don’t shrink yourself in any room you are in - you have a voice, learn to use it. Confidence and the ability to articulate your ideas are really valued here. Don’t shy away from it, even when it feels intimidating to challenge someone, or voice your opinion in a room of more experienced people. Being yourself at work allows you and others to create space and confidently shine in your spaces together. What this creates is a synergy between how you see yourself and how you’re perceived. If you feel you can confidently express your best self at work, you’ll thrive and excel, meaning other people can visibility see the space you have taken up and draw energy from you - whether that is motivation, encouragement or support. When you’re yourself at work, you’re no longer acting just in your own interest, you pass the baton for others to follow. For me, that is the most important thing; being able to encourage others to do what they didn’t think they had the capacity to do. I want anyone who reads this to know that you can and should go after opportunities you really want. It might not always go the way you want it to, but as you learn and grow, you’ll find out where you thrive - and it may surprise you. Who knows, I might see you at Fidelity International soon!

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