My experience as a Commercial Grad: Isabella Preston-Thompson

Our graduate programme is currently open for applications! We think it's the best programme you'll find for miles... but don't take our word for it. We've been catching up with our existing graduates at Flutter UK & Ireland so that you can hear from them what it's REALLY like to work here.


Isabella Preston-Thompson

Commercial Graduate

Flutter UK & Ireland

Today we're talking to Isabella Preston-Thompson, a Commercial Graduate currently working in her Trading Risk rotation at Sky Betting & Gaming. Let's go!

Hi Isabella! Let's start with what you were up to before you joined us?

I was studying Business Management for my undergrad, and then International Marketing for my postgrad at Newcastle University. During my time there, I realised I always did better in assignments where I discussed sports marketing because I was passionate about it. From there, it made me think I should turn my passion for all things sports into my career to make the most out of this. Hence, I found myself applying for graduate programmes solely based in a sports industry.

A great fit with our brands then - we probably don't need to ask you why you wanted to work here!

Growing up with weekends spent at the races or at the boro games (up the boro), the Flutter UKI brands (Sky Betting & Gaming, Paddy Power, Betfair...) were always in my eyeline whether they had big banners or a named race, they were always there and prominent. It even makes me proud when I go to the events and see their names everywhere that I now work for this company.

We know application processes can be hard work. How did you find ours?

I saw an advert for the graduate programme on my LinkedIn, and so I applied straight away, and the process was so easy. The AI interview at the first stage was particularly useful as it was the first job interview I have ever had so the feedback straight after was a great help. The assessment centre day, although it may seem daunting to walk into the big office and meet new people, it was actually really fun! All those involved made me feel really welcome, particularly the previous year grads who come along for support as they were once in that position too, so my nerves were settled immediately.

As a Commercial Grad you'll go through a number of rotations, what are you up to at the moment?

I am currently in Trading Risk for SBG, and it has been the most fascinating experience so far. Although, I have been used to betting terms and odds from horse racing and football, to learn the different types of customer business in the industry and how to manage this has been so interesting.

Is there any specific project you've been part of that you fancy telling us about?

Within my rotation I have been working on several projects to improve the efficiency of the trading department. However, the one I am most proud of is one related to the improvement of the maximum pay-outs for the Flutter UKI brands. By analysing data, I presented to senior members my findings and suggestions for the alignment of maximum pay outs across the brands. My suggestions and a specific clause have now been added to the Sky Bet and Paddy Power/ Betfair websites, which makes me proud to see.

We hear great things about our Grad culture, what are your opinions on it?

Although there are so many of us across the multiple brands and locations, the graduate culture is fun and social. I have made some amazing new friends through the different social events and training days we spent together. Traveling to the Dublin office for the first week was a particular highlight as we were able to meet all the grads on the programme, meaning when we saw each other around the different offices (London, Dublin, and Leeds) we always see a familiar face.

What do you think about our Learning and Development fund?

Learning and development is a key priority of the company, and this is reflected in the generous £1,000 learning fund. Whether it is a new language you’d like to learn or a skills workshop you’d like to go on, the fund gives you the freedom to develop your hobbies and be yourself! My own career goal is to become a marketing manager; hence, I have purchased courses related to this so I can achieve this.

Last but not least - do you have any advice for anyone on the fence about applying for this years programme?

The best thing about the Grad programme is that there are so many opportunities for you to grow your career and personal goals. The vast scope of the business and the rotational aspect of the programme means you will learn something new every day in a fascinating industry. You will find yourself wanting to work in teams you would never expect and grow skills that you maybe did not want to before – who knew I would actually like Excel?

Thanks Isabella. What an incredible journey you've had so far!

Remember, if you like what you read here - our Graduate applications are currently open. With roles available in Commercial, Finance, CRLO, People and Tech.

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