My experience as a Tech Grad: Chris Crabbe

Our graduate programme is currently open for applications! We think it's the best programme you'll find for miles... but don't take our word for it. We've been catching up with our existing graduates at Flutter UK & Ireland so that you can hear from them what it's REALLY like to work here.


Chris Crabbe

Tech Graduate

Flutter UK & Ireland

This time round we're back with another of our Tech Graduates, Chris Crabbe. Chris is currently working in the Shared Services Team within Paddy Power and Betfair and actually started his journey with us at Sky Betting & Gaming. Not many people can say they've worked within THREE of our brands already!

Let's get started! Tell us what you were up to before you joined us?

My university education started with a Business Information Management degree, but I wanted something different, something I enjoyed. Growing up, I was always interested in how websites and apps worked. I wanted to make one work too. These reasons were enough to spark a change, and decided to pursue a Masters in Information Systems Management. After completion, I wanted more knowledge, more expertise. So, I decided to pursue a PhD in Computer Science (it’s still a work-in-progress, but almost at the finish line now).

However, I realised my PhD topic did not provide all the hands-on development experience I was looking for. That’s when I started looking into Grad schemes.

What made you set your sights on the Flutter UK & Ireland Graduate Scheme?

I had a part-time CX job in Sky Betting & Gaming at the time and saw an internal post about the Tech Grad scheme. I was looking at other companies as well. But I knew the Flutter Grad scheme was the one! I had experienced the company culture, the people, and the work environment. I knew it was the perfect opportunity to develop.

So, Shared Services! What's your role at the moment in that team?

I am working on a BOT starter project with endless learning opportunities. I am also getting the chance to shadow more experienced team members and get really involved in planning discussions. I'm the type of person who learns faster and grasps more by getting stuck in, making errors and learning from them. The BOT project provides the perfect environment for that.

How have you been getting on with your fellow grads, what's the culture like?

I am close already with a few other grads. I can definitely say we support and motivate each other!

Do you think Flutter UKI is somewhere you can grow your career?

Definitely – ithe perfect place to grow my career! I have spent the £1000 self development fund on several books that have significantly contributed to my development so far. Codecademy has helped with basic knowledge in Java – highly recommended! Udemy courses are great too – currently doing one on Kubernetes.

Finally, what advice do you have for anyone considering applying to our Grad Programme this year?

Starting a career in tech can be daunting, and Flutter UK & Ireland know this! It’s an amazing place to work with a great working environment. Everyone’s willing to help, with many resources to support your journey! The Grad programme is designed to ensure you are given the best chance to develop (and at your own pace!)

Thanks Chris, we can't wait to see where the programme takes you next! It looks like tombola is the only brand you haven't seen yet in the Flutter UKI family! If you're ever in Sunderland...

Remember, if you like what you read here - our Graduate applications are currently open. With roles available in Tech, Finance, CRLO, People and Commercial.

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