Meet Havana, a Design Management graduate

A female's perspective on working in construction – Havana Hall – Design Management Graduate


Havana Hall

Design Management Graduate


I joined Mace’s Graduate Scheme, after completing a summer internship working with Mace Interiors, which gave me an insight into the Design Manager role. In my first few months in this role, I have been fortunate enough to experience a construction project from its early stages. My first engagement is with a large team who are supporting a client in establishing several offices across London.

I was blown-away at the exceptionally high quality of work and the quick project turnaround, and at first it was daunting, but I soon realised there was nothing to be concerned about as every single team member is willing to take time out to help, educate, share knowledge, and contextualise what is happening on site at the drop of a hat. From site walks to understanding the commercial elements of a project, I have been offered support and encouragement whenever it has been needed.

Going into the role I had a notion that working in construction would be intimidating as it is traditionally an environment dominated by men. However, my current project team has more woman than is typical for a project team and my belief is that is because Mace is actively creating a workplace culture that drives positive diversity to enforce comfortability and representation. At times, I have been the only woman on site but if anything, I feel respected by the men on site, and they uphold high standards of professionalism in their behaviour.

The way the construction industry looks is changing, and I urge those who are sceptical to apply and take the leap to normalise the position of women in the construction industry. Diversity is strength.

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