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Part-time jobs that will give you marketing and PR skills

You may not have realised it, but it is possible to do a part-time job and gain the skills that graduate employers are looking for at the same time.

Picture this: you’re about to start a year at university. You know you want to go into marketing or PR. You need experience, but you also need a part-time job. How do you find the time to tick both boxes? In this article we’ll run through some of the most common student jobs, and tell you about the skills they can give you.

Street teaming

You might not think much of the guys who stand at the gates to uni handing out flyers. However, for an undergraduate looking to work in marketing, this is one of the most desirable part-time jobs available. Promotions work – AKA street teaming – is a marketing role, which means that you should definitely put it on your CV. However, you should also mention the confidence you developed as a result. After all, it takes some nerve to approach so many strangers in a single shift.


While a job in a call centre may be a lot less desirable, it is still valuable experience. For one thing, it will teach you a lot about resilience. This is particularly the case in cold-calling centres, where you are likely to deal with rejection a lot of the time. If you stay there long enough it should also teach you how to put together a strong pitch. This will be relevant not only to your career in marketing, but also to your graduate job hunt.

Catering and hospitality

Whether you’re waiting tables or pouring pints from behind a bar, you are in a really strong position to develop marketing skills. This is because communication and social skills are essential here. You need to be able to handle each customer’s requests and keep them happy. You could be taking care of rowdy customers, and making sure they cause minimum disruption. What’s more, if you are working for tips you will want to develop charm in order to earn a decent wage.


You may not think your babysitting shifts belong on a graduate CV, but this isn’t necessarily the case. This is because, unlike other student jobs, there is a lot of responsibility involved in babysitting. You have to be organised in order to look after someone’s child, and this is highly sought after. You could even use it to demonstrate team management. After all, you have to persuade the children to do what you need them to do.


Shop jobs should give you first-hand experience of front-end marketing. For example, on a hot day the barbeque and beer supplies are moved to the front of the shop. At Halloween you stock up on horror DVDs. This attention to detail is essential in both marketing and PR. Knowing where and when to make your move is as important as who to sell to.

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