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Choosing an employer: your options

Choosing an employer: your options

What do you want out of life after you graduate? Our advice will help you choose the right employer. Whether you’re motivated by pay, aspire to run your own business or want to access professional training and qualifications – or a combination of all three – use our tips to focus your job search. Find out how to crack the hidden jobs market, what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur and why you might be better off starting your career with a small business. Want to keep your options open? Check out the alternatives to getting a job.

Make the most of your careers service

Find out how your university's careers service and advisers can help you explore work experience, graduate careers and further study options.


Choosing the right graduate employer

Here are eight ways you can tell if an employer is right for you. If you want your first graduate job to be a good fit, you'll need to bear these points in mind, from size and culture to the prospects for training and travel.


After graduation: alternatives to getting a job

Diving straight into work with an employer suits some graduates, but for others it's the last thing on their mind. Whether you want to be self-employed, take a break, travel or do further study, there is an alternative to getting a job.


Which graduate career offers the best pay?

Find out which professions offer the highest starting salaries and see what's on offer from big recruiters in the most popular graduate career areas.


How to become an entrepreneur when you graduate

Increasing numbers of students are setting up their own businesses after leaving university. Find tips on how to develop your entrepreneurial skills and learn how this will help you whatever path you choose.


Seek hidden graduate jobs and ye shall find

If you know where to look you can find a huge range of roles for graduates that haven’t been widely advertised. Here’s how to start your hunt for those elusive hidden jobs.


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