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The different types of job interview

Do you know what to expect from your interview for a graduate job or training scheme? Our advice on the different formats used will help you prepare. You might be interviewed over the phone, particularly at an early stage in the recruitment process, and employers are increasingly using video and Skype interviews. Many interviews are competency-based, though some employers use a strengths-based approach. Our tips will help you adjust your interview technique for panel and technical interviews and convince recruiters that you are the right candidate for the job.

How to handle a telephone interview

Use our checklist to tackle your telephone interview with confidence and get through to the next stage of the application process for your graduate job.


Panel interview tips: how to face more than one interviewer

Is the idea of facing a panel causing you interview anxiety? Don’t panic! These interview tips should help you to impress them all.


Strengths-based interviews for jobs and grad schemes

Find out what to expect from this style of graduate job interview, which focuses on what you enjoy doing as a way of assessing your personal attributes and innate aptitudes.


Technical interviews for graduate roles: the basics

For some career sectors you may be invited to a technical interview, which will be used to assess specialist skills.


Expert performance tips for Zoom and other video interviews

Our expert tips will help you hone your on-screen interview performance and come across as confident and professional.


How to answer typical competency-based interview questions

Pick up tips on how to handle competency-based questions at graduate job interviews and find out how to show you have the competencies or skills to match an organisation's selection criteria.


Answering values-based interview questions for graduate jobs

Find out how to prepare for values-based interview questions, which explore whether you are a good match for an employer's values.