Training contract deadlines

Are you a graduate that is unsure which commercial law firm to apply to first? Our handy list of training contract deadlines will help you to plan and prioritise.

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Graduates and non-law graduates hoping to begin a training contract (or ‘period of recognised training’) in 2024 need to apply in 2022. So, if you’re a law student, you should have applications tailored to the firms you are interested in ready to be sent off in your second year.

Of course, a law degree isn’t your only route to gaining a training contract. You might complete a graduate diploma in law (GDL) or postgraduate diploma in law (PGDL) conversion course instead. While most firms take applications from final-year, non-law undergraduates at the same date as they accept law students’ applications, this varies. So, if you’re on a conversion course, be sure to double-check the dates and entry requirements on the firms’ targetjobs profiles or on their websites.

Don’t wait until the deadline date

Many commercial firms start inviting candidates to assessment centres and interviews before this, so being organised and submitting your application well before the deadline could pay off.

By what date must you submit your training contract applications?

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