What graduate marketing careers really involve

Marketing has a reputation as a high flying graduate career but there’s far more to it than lunching with clients and attending swish product launches. Get ready for a career with pace.

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The highs of marketing aren’t found just while travelling to meet international clients or sipping champagne at product launches.

Seeing the effects

If you’re working on a high-profile campaign, seeing the end result of your work – whether it’s on billboards or on supermarket shelves – gives a real buzz. Because projects need to be evaluated to gauge their success, you’ll be able to see just how effective your work has been. Even being involved in small project can be hugely satisfying. Working with a client to establish a brief or as part of a team on a successful campaign means you can see your work through to a conclusion.

Working as a team

Much of the creativity in marketing comes from teamwork and the contributions of experts and consultants. Working together with other professionals and exploring new ideas and different tactics often leads to a result that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

Managing clients, budgets and projects can be challenging as well as exciting. With so many people involved in each project, it’s not always easy to keep everyone happy all the time, so you’ll need to develop a thick skin to deal with the conflicting needs of clients, colleagues and suppliers.

Thriving under pressure

Small agencies have to be extra competitive when pitching for work and it can be frustrating putting time and effort into tenders that don’t work out. The changing nature of marketing, and the need to keep up to date with new methods and trends, can also be challenging. Continuous learning is essential to maintain a competitive advantage but networking opportunities can introduce you to new people as well as new projects.

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