Meet Rahman, a Tax Intern with BNY Mellon

My name is Rahman Ali, I am the Tax intern in the Manchester (One Piccadilly). I go to Manchester Metropolitan university where I am completing a BA in Business Management.


Rahman Ali

Tax Intern

BNY Mellon

The reason for which I choose this bank over the Bank of America and Deutsche bank for which I had the interviews as well for is the culture. Which I had the chance to experience it during my insight day back in November for interns and graduates. I got the chance to ask some questions to my interviewers as well and the answers that stood out to me is that both people from BNY had the same answer.

The main reason they moved into the company was the culture and that’s why they still here since 4 and 5 years ago respectively. My main activities involve looking at the current tax process flow for closed accounts and emailing relationship managers for pay away details for clients that don’t bank with us anymore but still have a tax reclaim pending. The second stage of my role was to question the process as it was very manual and come up with ways or suggestions in which we could minimise manual process and increase automation.

One project that I really enjoyed working on is the “Impact: Food and Heritage Expo”, which basically looks at raising awareness within the company about the different cultures, that are present and mainly their cuisines. I see this is a great opportunity to increase awareness and acceptance of different culture present within the bank.

We have received a lot of shadowing opportunities in different departments to understand better how BNY works in a big one flow system within operations. I feel like one of the key takeaways for me is the ability to confidently say I can network in a confident and efficient manner with anyone, this is due to the fact there is the accessibility to reach out to senior management and get chance to speak to them as long as you follow the proper channels. I am part of the Good for case competition that looks at increasing awareness for some of the United Nation’s goals. I will say this company has a very friendly and diverse culture, which makes it a great place to work at.

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