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Bryan is capturing every opportunity

When did you last change jobs? Did you find you had to start over again when it came to building skills and growing a network? Bryan, a Sales Manager in our Corporate Cash Management team in Singapore, is proof that changing roles is an effective way to build a career where a diverse range of experience can help you progress even quicker. By prioritising our people, we’re creating a culture that gives employees control over their careers.

Building a diverse network

Bryan originally joined us as an intern in Group Risk via Singapore Management University. He wanted to build on a prior stint in Operations and gain a deeper understanding of risk. Bryan began to realise that a client-facing role in corporate banking played to his strengths and might be more in line with his career plan. “People were happy to share more about what they did. They were really supportive in helping me find out more.” After joining the Corporate Bank graduate programme in 2016, he rotated through several areas including Relationship Management, Sales, Product Management and Client Service, before taking a permanent role in the Cash Management team. As a result of the broad exposure he gained from each rotation, Bryan continued to establish a strong network that stretched across the bank. “The number one benefit of the graduate scheme for me is the network I built. We get the opportunity to work with people across different functions, different countries. In my current role, we rely on the network to get things done.”

Analyst to Sales Manager

Bryan’s first role in the Cash Management team was a Regional Sales Analyst. He supported eight different sales managers each with their own portfolios. Within a year, Bryan became a Sales Manager. The exposure he had as an analyst served him well, but so did all his other experience in the bank. “Every step of my journey in the bank has shaped my understanding of the nuances across departments and locations. Through my experiences, I understand the varying demands of these environments.” This is useful in Cash Management, a particularly fast-moving area of the bank. Bryan rarely works on singular projects but instead continually collaborates with internal teams and clients to eradicate friction in processes and create mutually beneficial efficiencies. Outside of work, Bryan is a photography enthusiast, spending his free time finding the right light and great moments to capture. He draws the same principles for his work as he does in photography. “I tell people the key to photography is visualising the shot before you take it. It’s the same in sales; it’s all about opportunities. We need to understand our client, what we’re good at, what we’re not and marry them together. Just like photography, you always need to be prepared to capture those opportunities.”

Keep on evolving

It’s an attitude that Bryan applies to his career. Bryan is only two years into his career, and has achieved an exceptional amount through determination and the ability to draw on his diverse range of experiences. He credits his success so far on his commitment to learning and doesn’t plan on stopping soon. “I’ve always seen my career as quite opportunistic. I think the wonderful thing about Deutsche Bank is that there are always opportunities available and if you raise your hand, you will be considered.”

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