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German appreciates the global commitment to realize ideas

Everyone wants to make an impact. People want to know that they’re making the most of their skills and doing work that genuinely makes a difference – to clients, colleagues, the industry or society. It’s easy to underestimate just how important strong collaboration is in making that difference happen.

German joined us on the Technology Graduate Scheme and has enjoyed a pivotal role on an international project that is helping change the way Anti-Financial Crime processes work.

Putting the right skills in the right place

German studied Computer Science at University College London and joined us with a passion for data, which he wanted to grow. “I was curious to learn about data handling in a large organisation. Deutsche Bank are one of the industry leaders within transaction banking and conduct a huge volume of transactions daily; that means gathering, processing, and storing lots of data.”

On his very first placement, he was working directly alongside the Chief Operating Officer of our Anti-Financial Crime Technology area and focusing on how to structure and present various data sets. His technical expertise quickly converted into impressive impact.

“The culture is very much encouraging you to come up with ideas for change. I was surprised how open the leadership team is to different views and new ideas. It’s really easy to have that conversation with senior management.”

But we know those conversations pay off. German’s ideas translated so well that his work on making data more consistent across the department is now part of a much bigger project: a Project Dashboard for the Anti-Financial Crime division.

One idea becomes a global project

The Project Dashboard is a collaborative effort, which aims to create a unified view for managers to quickly assess the status of their projects from a variety of perspectives. German worked hard to integrate the various components which ensure the HR data is correct.

The dashboard is a truly international effort – carefully led by a highly experienced team in Bucharest. It provides analytics for projects running in Germany, the UK, France, the US, India and Romania.

“I was impressed by how structured the communication is in the team. You always come out of a conversation knowing exactly what needs to be done, who’s doing it and when. My managers in both London and Bucharest are always on hand to provide me with guidance.”

It’s this kind of close collaboration across global teams that really lets people like German make a huge difference straight away. Or as he puts it:

“It’s the spirit of common ownership I really like. It means you are all in it together.”

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