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Giulia “translates” strategies into numbers

“In a major city like Frankfurt, the quickest way for me to travel is by bike,” said Giulia, who starts her day by cycling across Frankfurt to her office at Green Towers. Before she began her career, she knew it was important for her job to offer more than just a daily routine – and she found this in a role in the bank’s Finance department.

She started as a trainee in July 2018. “After my Masters in Business Administration, I wanted to work for an international company that offers good career prospects, but not necessarily in the financial sector. However, after two internships at Deutsche Bank I changed my mind. I had a strong feeling that this was the right place for me.”

Finding inspiration in your own work through networking

The orientation event in London, which she attended together with all of Deutsche Bank’s trainees worldwide, served as a blueprint for the months to come. “It immediately gives you an opportunity to make contacts and start building your network, which meant that starting my first rotation felt like a natural progression rather than a whole new start.”

This informal interaction between departments and teams continues in the day-to-day operations of the bank, where networking is firmly embedded in the culture. Giulia is already frequently “booked up” for lunch or coffee for several weeks in advance. “Although meeting with so many different people personally enriches me and helps me in my career, networking also enhances the quality of our everyday work.” By talking with her colleagues, Giulia gains an insight into other fields and cross-departmental relationships. The expertise and experience of her colleagues provide her with additional motivation and inspiration. “I even know a fellow trainee in another infrastructure unit in New York who gives me feedback from there and can provide yet another completely different perspective.”

Contributing from the start

All of our trainees rotate through up to four different teams during their programme, while Finance trainees can also complete another 'external’ rotation in another part of the bank’s infrastructure. Giulia loves the international working environment that she operates in, and has worked with colleagues from Russia, China and Italy during her external rotation. Of course, this means that the majority of work is done in English.

“During my Finance graduate programme, I discovered that strategic work in Team Planning & Performance Management really suited me and that I can make a major contribution in this team. That’s why I’ll be joining them in September.” She appreciates the team's expertise and their openness towards her. “Although I don’t yet have 20 years of experience under my belt, my boss always takes on board my ideas or suggestions for improving or simplifying processes, for example.”

Keeping a finger on the pulse of the bank

One year after starting out as a trainee, Giulia has found the role for her. In the Planning & Performance Management team, she works at the interface between business units, infrastructure functions and the bank’s entire management team. “We ensure that the plans of each of the different departments fit with the bank's strategic goals and that they consistently align with one another. Whether reconciling targets, defining key figures, analysing performance or running strategic scenarios, no two days are alike.”

Giulia appreciates how her team values her contribution as a young colleague. “And if I ever feel like a change of professional direction, I know there’ll still be a place for me here. I can take advantage of one of the many other opportunities within the bank that my network opens up to me. I think that’s fantastic.”

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