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Isabel is taking teamwork to the next level

There’s no better reminder of the value of teamwork than seeing it in action – something Isabel has been party to regularly within Deutsche Bank’s culture of collaboration. But how did she end up working here in the first place?

“I looked at different banks and was very keen on working for a bulge bracket bank. Deutsche Bank appealed as a European bank with international exposure – a great bank with a great story.”

Leaning into learning

Once Isabel set her sights on Deutsche Bank, she never looked back. Ever since joining our Graduate Programme as an Analyst, Isabel has been building a career shaped by team collaboration and her own unique experiences.

With a background in economics and finance, Isabel had a good knowledge base to draw from already. But she knew there was still plenty of scope to grow her skills and experience – and that’s where our supportive, collaborative environment played its part.

“When I first joined, I was surprised by how approachable people were. Everyone’s constantly learning from each other – and while the seniors know more than the juniors, they are open and willing to learn from the juniors. That means your voice matters, even if you don’t have as much experience. You can be valuable in other ways.”

Cross-border collaboration

Isabel has also been able to connect with colleagues from different cultures globally, which has given her insight into new perspectives and approaches to creatively solving business challenges. It’s also fed directly into her growth as an Analyst because she’s been able to see how other colleagues fit into the bigger picture.

“It’s been quite a year of seeing and having exposure to other groups and it’s been very valuable working with multiple teams. I collaborate with a lot of colleagues in London, Germany and sometimes Asia.”

Passing the knowledge on

Thanks to these regular meetings with supportive colleagues from across the globe, Isabel has grown even more confident in her strengths, in her motivations, and in the values that shape her professional and personal approach.

In fact, Isabel has grown so much over the past twelve months with Deutsche Bank that she’s now passing some of what she’s learned on to newcomers.

“I’ve been very involved in training new joiners to the team. They’ll come to me with questions or use me as a resource. I’m proud of being able to help others – it really makes me appreciate how much I’ve learned in a year.”

In her first year with the bank, Isabel has accomplished a lot. She’s hit the ground running and engaged in collaborative learning with teammates from across the globe. After adapting very well to the Analyst role, she has progressed to a point where she can now train newcomers.

And her advice for those considering Deutsche Bank?

“Deutsche Bank is a great place to start and build your career. If you need help or more time for something, people are always willing to hear you out and help you. I couldn’t have asked for a better, more welcoming team to be a part of.”

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