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Deutsche Bank

Kofi is putting global finance under a microscope

At Deutsche Bank, we’re proud of our reputation for investing in junior talent to help them reach their potential and create impact on global scale. That means we look at the unique skills individuals bring rather than just their experience and that’s how you end up with a biologist working in a bank.

For Kofi, coming from a family with deep roots in the sciences and studying Biology and Science in Society at university before becoming an Analyst in our Investment Bank, his career and education decisions have all been down to curiosity. His passion for biology stems from a fascination with interconnected systems and finance isn’t too different.

"In biology, single cells can come together to form whole organisms, and really affect how our world operates. In the same way, businesses and the financial systems interconnect, and we're helping create a world that is able to function day in and day out."

Taking on responsibility

He developed his passion for finance at his university investment society before being accepted onto the an internship with Deutsche Bank. During his time on this program, he had the chance to work on a billion-euro bond issuance, collaborating with colleagues across the business and overseeing the transaction at every stage, across a range of departments. His readiness to learn and supportive managers meant he was able to take on important work immediately, despite a lack of formal financial training.

"They gave me that responsibility because they felt like I was capable of handling it. I knew that if I did run into any challenges, they would be there to help me every step of the way."

Life of an analyst

After graduating from university, Kofi went straight into our trainee program, where he was able to develop his analytical skills. He had already laid the foundation for this at university, when he studied the question of which patterns organisms use to function. Now he focuses on understanding how companies operate.

"I look at a company's financials to understand the story behind it. I can see where its financial performance comes from."
In a recent transaction, he facilitated his team's leveraged buyout by pulling together various data sources and other essential information into a model that could then be reviewed by decision makers on both sides. His work reduces risk and elicits expected financial performance. This makes negotiating a global deal more productive and focused.

Learning that never stops

With the support of his colleagues Kofi was able to hit the ground running, applying his talents and developing new skills while learning everything he needed to know about the financial industry, on the job. Despite many people’s perceptions of banking as complex and fast-paced, he thinks the bank’s supportive culture means it’s more accessible than most people presume.

"I think this job is very teachable, and it helps that people here really want to teach other people.”

He's keen for other people to follow his path from a non-finance major onto the frontline of a global bank.

“Don't let your fear of not knowing what you're doing hold you back from pursuing anything in this industry, because people here really want to help you learn.”

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