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Stevan anticipates changes to always stay one step ahead.

How do you launch your career after completing your studies? Stevan is convinced that the Deutsche Bank trainee programme provides graduates with an excellent opportunity to kickstart their professional lives and lays the foundation for lasting success.

Discovering interests, developing skills

After completing an internship at our bank, Stevan discovered how well his talents and interests in economic developments, international relations and technology fit with work at a large bank with an international focus. Having graduated with a masters in economics, he decided to join the trainee programme in the Corporate Bank. “I'm part of a fantastic team here and have met so many diverse and interesting people. Their expertise has impressed me as much as their willingness to help.”

Divisions that drive innovation

The Corporate Bank lies at the very centre of our business. It offers international payment services, trade finance and investment services – fields in which security is extremely important. Stevan is fascinated by the way in which the Corporate Bank's development and the our digital realignment are interconnected. When it comes to risk prevention, the business divisions are always the first three lines of defence responsible for managing the legality of individual payments and transactions. For example, Stevan has worked on data mining in the Transactions Surveillance Solutions team, analysing patterns that help to identify and prevent fraud in transactions such as commodity purchases. The key here is to anticipate changes and always stay one step ahead.

Finding the right role via the trainee programme

Stevan appreciates how the trainee programme enables him to accurately define and develop his main areas of interest. He can refine his training plan in consultation with his line managers and contacts during the programme and, in doing so, bring together the building blocks of his career. "It’s important to show initiative and voice your interests – you will always find a sympathetic ear if you do.”

Boosting your career with networking

Networking provides important career momentum within our bank. Trainees can build a global network within a short space of time by working across departments and borders. As well as receiving support from their mentors, they can also make use of a wide range of events. These include self-organised trainee gatherings, as well as discussion forums hosted by Graduate Recruiting and the different departments, such as the Corporate Bank's Cash Day or Trade Day.

These events provide the ideal environment for developing both professionally and personally, and Stevan believes they offer the perfect start to a career that opens up a vast array of exciting opportunities – including working abroad. “I would really like to spend a couple of years working overseas. I've already had the opportunity to get to know and love Thailand and South Korea during a semester abroad.”

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