Meet Jake, a Finance Apprentice

When it came to his future, Jake knew his interest in finance would take him far. He’s becoming a fully qualified accountant while learning from his supportive peers. Jake is now a Finance Apprentice



Finance Apprentice

Lloyds Banking Group

Weighing up options

“I always knew I wanted to work in finance. I didn't really want to go to university, because I felt that going straight to a full-time job would be better suited for me. I learn a lot quicker and a lot more effectively when I’m actually doing work, rather than just learning about it. I thought Lloyds Banking Group would be the place for me to develop, I’ll be a fully qualified accountant by the end of my apprenticeship, without having to pay for anything.”

Knowing what’s best for you

“There are so many great things about being on an apprenticeship scheme. First of all, we receive a very competitive salary, and my qualifications are being paid for, so I don't have to worry about my finances. I also love the flexibility we’re offered, so we can take on a hybrid working style. Right now, we only work in the office two days a week and we can work from home the other days. I can also work in the other offices we have all over the country.”

Equal treatment

“As an apprentice at Lloyds Banking Group, you’re viewed as part of the team. There can be a reputation, even a stigma, about apprentices being the people who go and get tea and coffee for the ‘real’ workers. But that's not the case here. Nobody is treated differently; the only difference is that apprentices have time to do our study day once a week. Apart from that, you're getting the same amount of experience, and you're paid fairly.”

Accepting of everyone

“I’m part of the LGBT community. There is a colleague network within Lloyds Banking Group called Rainbow, where other colleagues who are part of the community can connect, spread awareness, and organise different projects — you can also join as an ally. We take part in pride parades every year, across the whole country, and that’s just one example. It's nice to feel that the company you work for is supporting the movement that you're a part of.”

Feeling included

“When everyone is talking about their partners at work, I know I can talk about my boyfriend, and no one will bat an eyelid. That’s sometimes not been the case in other places I’ve worked. It might sound like such a small thing, but everyone is so accepting. It’s really made me feel included.”

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