Meet Will, a Sustainable Financial Wellbeing Graduate.

Will wanted to find a role that would help make the world a better place — now and in the future. With an interest in sustainability and ESG, he has found a place with purpose at Lloyds Banking Group. He’s now a Sustainable Financial Wellbeing Graduate.



Sustainable Financial Wellbeing Graduate

Lloyds Banking Group

Making a difference

“I joined Lloyds Banking Group because I saw it as a way of having a varied experience, where I'd also be able to make an impact on the world around me. In many ways, my experience has really lived up to that.”

Committed to constantly improving

“One of the things that really attracted me to joining Lloyds Banking Group was their commitment to halving their emissions finance by 2030. There are a lot of companies out there seeking to halve their internal emissions, but the emissions finance is a huge difference. It really shows their dedication.”

Striving for more

“To me, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) makes finances a force for good. It goes beyond just the environment, it also supports more vulnerable people within society, people who maybe wouldn't have access to financial products normally.”

Exploring your interests

“I've really enjoyed learning about the financial crime aspects of insurance, pensions, and investments, and hopefully making a material difference in stopping people from illegally accessing our customers money.”

Shaking up everyday

“I was recently able to go and shadow a Lloyds Banking Group wealth manager around the north of England. We visited people at their homes for meetings to talk about their finances. Every day is different, it really feels like anything is possible.”

Supporting you for you

There are several internal networks available and exist to help colleagues reach their full potential. Each network has a different focus whether that is gender, disability, LGBT+, multicultural or financial wellbeing. From day one we’re encouraged to get involved with them, even if it’s as an ally or to support from the side-lines.

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