Meet Priscilla, a Sustainable Consumer Banking Graduate

Coming from a strong science background, Priscilla is using her analytical mind for good as a Lloyds Banking Group graduate. She’s growing in confidence, and in her career. She’s now a Sustainable Consumer Banking Graduate.



Sustainable Consumer Banking Graduate

Lloyds Banking Group

Joining the team

“My first working experience with Lloyds Banking Group was through a summer internship. From there, I decided I wanted to join the graduate scheme. I'm currently on the Sustainable Consumer Banking scheme, which covers all of retail banking, working closely with the services and products that we offer customers.”

Making a career on your terms

“I was always interested in science. Throughout my education, I was naturally drawn closer to it. But I realised that even though I enjoy scientific subjects, I didn’t particularly want to do that as a career. I had to really reflect on what is it about science that I enjoy so much. I discovered it was the analytical, adaptable way of thinking. Now, I get to do that at Lloyds Banking Group”.

Your ideas matter

“One thing I've noticed about the bank is that they're very keen on building and developing young talent. They appreciate fresh perspective. Going into such a big establishment, it's so easy to experience impostor syndrome and feel like everyone else is way more knowledgeable because I'm just starting my career. Sometimes I wonder ‘What can I actually bring to the table?’ but they’ve always been very open to my perspectives.”

Challenging yourself

“I've been able to develop more skills during my time with Lloyds Banking Group through the projects that I've been given. The work is usually very outside of my comfort zone, it’s not what I'm used to doing. You get to do things that you don’t expect and be exposed to exciting tasks that you might have not have ever done before. That's something that I'm appreciative of.”

Diversity and inclusivity

“One of the first things that made me realise how committed the Group is to diversity and inclusion was by getting to know the different colleague networks set up internally to celebrate our individual differences. They want us to show up to work as authentically ourselves.”

No more imposter syndrome

“Being here has really helped me on a personal level. I was very shy at school. There wasn’t much room to take initiative and take control of my own life or do what I wanted to do. Since I've joined the grad scheme, there's been a lot of encouragement to really take ownership of my career. It's helped me to become bolder, more confident and be assured that there's nothing that I can't do.”

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