Meet Isabelle, Innovation and Research Scientist specialising in Earth Observation


Isabelle Crozier-Morris

Innovation and Research Scientist

Ordnance Survey

Why did you choose Ordnance Survey?

During A-Levels I had a week’s work experience at Ordnance Survey, which gave me a great insight into the wide variety of work within the company.

After studying Geography at university, I choose Ordnance Survey as it is a hub for Geography careers and has a long heritage.

What does your role include?

As an Innovation and Research Scientist specialising in Earth Observation, I stay up-to-date with the latest industry and academia updates.

From these updates, I explore new and upcoming datasets in software such as Esri’s ArcPro, and NV5’s ENVI.

Problem solving is a key part of my role. I figure out whether Earth Observation can help solve a problem, and then produce a solution if it can. This type of work tends to be in support of a larger squad, working directly with customers.

What is the best thing about your role?

Getting to constantly learn and investigate new data means that no day is the same!

What is one of your favourite projects you’ve had the opportunity to work on?

I had the opportunity to work on the VeriEarth project during my last graduate placement, when the project was first starting up. Being the Project Manager for this project was a steep learning curve but gave me an incredible opportunity to learn on the job!

As part of the project, I got to visit the site we were focussing on, which was a great experience as I got to be part of the filming!

What training have you received at OS?

I have been fortunate to receive a variety of training. During the graduate scheme I attended a 3-day ArcPro with python course, which built on the ArcPro skills I developed during university, and introduced me to how I can use Python in a GIS environment.

More recently, I attended a course related to my current role, run by EuroSDR, ‘Remote Sensing and Change Detection with Sentinel Time Series Data’. This helped introduce me to types of Earth Observation data I had not explored in detail and learn about the processing steps required.

Are you involved in any networks at OS?

I am one of the co-leads of the Women+ Development Network. This has been a rewarding experience, and working with a different group of people in non-technical work provides a nice change to the day-job.

What makes OS a great place to work?

Working with a group of passionate people is one of the highlights, everyone is always happy to help and collaborate. There is also a great work/life balance, with the ability to work flexibility a major plus.

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