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Many different careers are possible with a degree in property.

Different career choices for property graduates

Even if you don’t want to work as a surveyor, there are many graduate jobs in which your property-related degree will be valued.
Spicerhaart suggests property graduates consider sales or management careers if they have an aptitude for meeting targets and working with the public.

If you have decided that you don't want to work in a traditional surveying role, or if you struggle to obtain a place on a graduate surveying scheme and want to cut your losses, there are other job roles where a property surveying degree will be useful. These include:

Other graduate roles in a property-related firm

Property firms don't just employ surveyors; they also often look for business managers and administrators. Your surveying degree can be advantageous in these roles as your background knowledge will help you make more informed decisions. Management might appeal if you still want to work within a surveying environment but have more of a leaning towards business.

The estate agency group Spicerhaart, for example, has previously run a graduate management scheme that is designed to place graduates as branch and sales managers in its estate agencies, managing the branch and sales teams to reach targets. It is open to all graduates and they do not put their trainees through the APC, instead giving them intensive training in management and related skills such as negotiation. Kate Hurles, head of landlord investments (formerly head of graduate development) at Spicerhaart Residential Lettings, suggests graduates consider a management and sales graduate programme if they have an aptitude for meeting targets and working with the public.

Alternatively, an administrative role could lead to a sideways move into surveying, if you hear of opportunities internally and make a good application; companies always like to promote internally and many have policies whereby internal candidates are interviewed if they meet the minimum criteria.

Investment banking and investment management careers

Your property degree will be attractive to investment banking recruiters for two reasons:

  1. Property is a type of investment and your background could help you if analysing this type of investment. Some investment banking and asset managers run real estate-specific schemes.
  2. Your degree should have given you the required numeracy skills.

Your degree won't be enough on its own to gain entry into this field, though: it is a competitive sector to enter.

Graduate jobs in facilities management

Facilities management (FM) firms oversee the functioning of operational buildings and can be involved with planning a proposed development; in fact, they are often contracted by property managers. This is a good alternative career choice for those who are interested in property and project management careers, as it gives you a chance to make an impact from the outset. FM is also one of the few construction areas that seems to be experiencing some growth.

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