A diverse group of people

Equality and diversity

Most graduate employers embrace equal opportunities and diversity in the workplace. They recognise that employees from different backgrounds bring unique knowledge, skills and experience to their businesses. But, if you are concerned you might be at a disadvantage, how do you ensure recruiters give you the best chance to show your abilities and treat you fairly in the recruitment process?

Here, specialists from AGCAS (Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services) provide their advice on key diversity issues including gender, race and disability. You'll find out how to identify diversity positive employers, decide how and whether to disclose your circumstances, and get an understanding of your rights.

Race: diversity matters

Try not to focus on negative ethnic stereotypes. Think about the advantages your background may give you, and make sure to show off your skill set in job applications and interviews.


People with a criminal record: diversity matters

Having a criminal record doesn't have to be a barrier to finding fulfilling employment. Procedures need to be taken into account, but there are recruiters out there who will be positive about you.


Gender: diversity matters

Your gender is usually obvious from your CV, so the focus is on demonstrating how your strengths and skills match the job.


Age: diversity matters

Find out how graduate recruiters show their commitment to age diversity and how to disclose your age and market your experience.


Disability and mental health: diversity matters

You're not usually obliged to include details of your disability in job applications. But if you need to mention it during the recruitment process, organisations will accommodate your needs.


Religion and belief: diversity matters

Find out how to gauge whether a recruiter is inclusive when it comes to faith issues. An organisation's HR and equal opportunities policies will give you insight into its culture.


Sexual orientation: diversity matters

To tell, or not to tell? Mentioning your sexuality in job applications, interviews and the workplace is entirely up to you.


Transsexual and transgender issues: diversity matters

When is the right time to disclose your trans status to an employer? Find out about the law in this area and get advice on weighing up the pros and cons.


Social and class issues: diversity matters

The law does not recognise discrimination on the grounds of social background, but there are still issues to be aware of when dealing with employers.


Refugees and asylum seekers: diversity matters

Your right to work depends on your immigration status. Read on for information and resources on how to start your job hunt, plus details of the organisations which can help.


Political and ethical issues: diversity matters

Advice on identifying companies that will respect your views, plus points you need to consider when looking for ethical jobs.