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Networking tips for graduate job hunters

Want to know how to get the most out of graduate careers fairs and events? Keen to take control of your online presence and use social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter to further your career, while making sure that employers don’t stumble across anything you’d rather they didn’t see? Find out how networking can help you in your job hunt and pick up tips on how to present yourself. Our advice will help you build and maintain your network, banish shyness and learn how to make your own personal elevator pitch to sell your skills to employers.

Social networking and graduate recruitment: manage your online reputation

Find out how to use social media to network with graduate employers and promote yourself, and pick up tips on how to ensure your online presence helps rather than hinders your job hunt.


Interview introductions: how to perfect your personal pitch

Knowing how to pitch your achievements and career goals at interviews, assessment centres and careers fairs could be crucial in landing yourself a graduate job. Read on to find out how to sell your skills with a quick introduction.


How to sell yourself if you're a shy job hunter

Selling yourself effectively in your applications and interviews for graduate jobs can feel uncomfortable if you're naturally self-effacing. Here's how to get yourself into the right frame of mind for your graduate job hunt.


Careers event tips: what to wear and how to prepare

Here is our top tips for students and graduates on how to dress to meet employers at university recruiter events, networking sessions and career fairs.


How to network at careers events

Even the most confident of us can get tongue-tied when starting conversations with potential employers. Follow our tips on how to communicate at networking sessions, employer presentations, careers fairs and other graduate recruitment events.


How to make the most of graduate job fairs

Graduate careers fairs are a great way to meet recruiters, find out more about employers and industries, and hunt for jobs. Read on for tips on how to get organised to make the most of your time and to enjoy all the fun of the fair.


How to find a graduate job using Twitter

Find out how you can use Twitter to network, gather information and ultimately get ahead in the graduate job hunt.


How graduates can write an eye-catching LinkedIn profile

The online network for professionals, LinkedIn, is increasingly being used by students, graduates and more experienced professionals alike to network and to find jobs.