Lockdown skills: how to put forward the skills you've gained during lockdown to employers

What skills can you gain during lockdown or when under other social distancing restrictions? And how can you sell them in applications and on LinkedIn? Our webinar with the training provider FastFutures gives you some ideas.

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It’s an understatement to say that 2020 has been a strange year for students and graduates. It has left many wondering how they can provide evidence of their skills in job applications and interviews and whether employers will view them negatively for having a ‘lockdown gap’ on their CV.

To provide some reassurance, we got in contact with the people behind FastFutures. FastFutures is a free 12-week online programme designed to provide students and recent graduates with essential business skills, networking opportunities and access to mentors from employers.

And we found that they had some brilliant things to say about how their learners have developed their skills during lockdown and how you can do the same – even if you don’t join the FastFutures programme.

So, we handed the session over to a FastFutures panel comprising:
• Peter, the learning architect behind FastFutures
• Derin, a recent graduate from the London College of Fashion
• Sanjana, currently on the FastFutures course and completing her masters in global communications and development
• Renee, a content creator and entrepreneur (who unfortunately dropped out due to technical issues).

In the webinar, you can find out more details about the FastFutures programme, but also get insights from the panel on:
• how to get the balance right between being kind to yourself in tricky times and having the confidence to try something new and gain new skills
• the importance of networking, why you shouldn’t be afraid of getting it wrong and how you can start networking even with your friends
• how you can use LinkedIn to post about what you have been doing, such as attending webinars
• why you shouldn’t compare yourself to others and how to make the most of what you have done
• how to write up your skills on your CV.

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