From Maths Grad to Analyst, Meet Stella

Evolving from graduate to Dstl analyst, straight into developing herself and supporting others. Stella now leads our new starters support network.


Stella joined the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) in 2022 with a maths degree and is now working as an analyst.

Stella applied to work at Dstl after hearing about us at an Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) conference. And she’s found her maths background to be key to her development here:

“When you have a maths degree, it’s so broad what you can do. You have that logical, analytical way of thinking - that’s the benefit you bring.

“You also bring in a fresh way of thinking, little things you learn at uni, like showing colleagues the benefit of plotting graphs R or Python over Excel, because once you know how to do it, it’s so much easier and looks so much better. You can bring a lot of value.”

“You can do anything at Dstl with maths. On my projects I’m doing a lot of analysis and using analytical thinking. My Operational Research project for the Department of Transport involves looking at security systems, using qualitative and quantitative analytical techniques to see how we can improve them. I have had the opportunity to develop my skills in modelling, data analysis and running workshops.

“I wanted to keep all my maths skills and techniques from university fresh so I support another project looking at Network Analysis and Graph Theory. So I do more maths! You can do anything you’re interested in really. I like to do different things and enjoy the variety.”

Stella is also involved with the new starters network:

“When I first started at Dstl it was quite hard relocating and starting again so I went to lots of events set up by STEPS, the new starter’s network. I’ve now got a good network of people from my team and other areas too - and I’m the STEPS lead for my office!

“We are getting ready for the new graduates starting in September with group chats, coffee mornings, socials and resources and advice about the local area. They’re going to get a warm welcome.”

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