Meet Sion, a Graduate Structural Engineer


Sion Roberts

Graduate Structural Engineer


What drew you to work at AECOM originally? What would that be now – has it changed?

I was fortunate during my undergraduate studies to gain two consecutive summer placement positions within the AECOM Cardiff office working within the structures team. The opportunity exposed me to a wide range of projects working with diverse teams and disciplines. This cemented in my mind that I wanted to work for AECOM when I graduated, and when the opportunity became available it was a no brainer.

What is your role at AECOM?

I am a graduate structural engineer working within the Environment, Water and Energy sector based in the Warrington office. My role involves working within the civil and structural team within a number of key nuclear defence projects which involve technical report writing, calculations, structural analysis (finite element) and working with a team of technicians to coordinate 2D and 3D models.

How long have you worked for AECOM?

I’ve been working at AECOM for two years.

What do you like most about working for AECOM?

The opportunities to learn have been invaluable in developing my technical and non-technical knowledge and skills. I am fortunate to work on diverse technically challenging projects and collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams within nuclear defence. The Warrington office culture fosters a supporting environment which has allowed me to meet my goals and challenge my abilities.

How has AECOM helped you in your career development?

Since joining AECOM I have been accepted onto the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) training agreement. AECOM have provided me with opportunities and experiences to develop my skills and knowledge required on my path to become professionally qualified. The Warrington office has setup an Early Careers group with the aim of fostering an environment for apprentices and graduates to gain technical knowledge from senior engineers within the office.

How do you use AECOM’s ‘Freedom to Grow’ to give you a good work/life balance?

‘Freedom to Grow’ has allowed me to move away from the normal nine to five and adjust my work to suit the projects I’m working on along with my personal commitments. I have always been a morning person and flexible working hours allows me to start my day early and finish by mid-afternoon, getting the most out of my day.

What has been your favourite project to work on at AECOM?

Working on a new building within the nuclear sector over the past two years has provided me with invaluable experience and has challenged my technical ability as a graduate engineer. The team around me is fantastic, supportive, and extremely capable, creating a working environment which has allowed me to develop with the continued support of my peers.

What’s your proudest moment at AECOM?

My proudest moment at AECOM would be given the opportunity to organise and line manage two undergraduate summer placement students at the Warrington office. Gaining this greater level of responsibility provided me with a sense of achievement that I had been recognised by the senior management to confidently carry out the role.

What have you gained from working at AECOM?

I have been afforded the opportunity to work on large complex projects within the Environment, Water and Energy sector, which have proved to be the most challenging but rewarding jobs.

What advice do you have for any prospective candidates?

If you are currently completing your undergraduate studies and are unsure of what route to take in your career, I would highly recommend applying for placement positions. AECOM will provide the opportunity to find an area of interest which you may not have identified before, and support your development, both professional and personal.

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