A Day in the Life of a Rotational Grad

I am on the Allianz Management Trainee graduate scheme, currently finishing my first place in Motor Fleet Underwriting.


Imogen Guest

Management Trainee Grad Scheme


This role has involved technical learning such how to price premiums, and review claims, as build the skillset in order to manage broker expectations and win new business cases. As I am coming to the end of the year long placement, I will be moving to the commercial operations team in London in September 2023, where I will be working on operational projects and gain an insight into the wider functions of the business.

1. What inspired you to apply?

During my second year of university, I worked for a brokerage as an intern for three months, during which I grew a love for the fast-pace and high energy environment of the insurance industry. I soon discovered that Allianz was a great place to work, which not only offered this environment but offered other things important to me too, such as efforts to master sustainability and equality in the workplace. In researching this, Allianz had a corporate culture that I felt was unmatched and would allow me to develop a career where there is vast opportunity to both build my personal development as well as help drive change.

2. What was the application process like?

I initially applied via an online application online in January 2022, which involved typical assessment questions around mathematical and literacy ability and reasons for applying for the role. I then did a video interview through an application, whereby you get given questions on the spot and answer them as if you were in a F2F interview. The final process was then a remote assessment centre day where there are multiple stages, including a presentation, a group task and a final interview. The assessment centre day process was a really positive experience for me – everyone was very friendly and within about a month I heard back with the good news that I had got the role.

3. What would a ‘normal’ day look like in your role?

A typical day in my current role would include a morning team huddle (this happens once a week) where we discuss the whereabouts of the team, whether anyone needs any help and our work states. Then I would begin various tasks, such as prioritizing and completing MTAs, making first contact calls with brokers about new business case presentations and rating up these presentations by deciding on a premium and policy terms to relay back to the broker. Often there will be back and forth with the broker on terms during which I would need to negotiate a price and / or terms and then if the case is won, I would need to use our system to incept the policy.

4. What do you find most interesting about the insurance industry?

I would say I find the relationship building and development the most interesting about the insurance industry. This is because in spite of remote / hybrid working and the impact of Covid-19, the insurance industry remains a social one, where relationships remain at the heart of it. I don’t think many other industries are this way, and I think it makes the workplace a vibrant one, where you can always increase your network, meet new people and do more business!

5. Have you had the opportunity to get involved in any activities outside of work?

One of my favourite things about Allianz is the opportunities to get involved in side of desk activities. There is a very friendly and strong graduate community, where I have taken part in the Fireside Chat Committee – a great chance to speak to senior management across the business and ask them questions and advice. I also have been able to join the All Ability network, which helps employees with both an invisible or visible disability and works to try and make the workplace as accommodating as possible for those people; through this network, I was able to run my own webinar on Diabetes, which was great fun.

6. Anything that has surprised you since starting at Allianz?

The amount of training content and learning modules available surprised me, as there is so much support and always something new to learn to help your development!


The main tip I would give to a new joiner at Allianz would be to get involved in as many opportunities as possible. Allianz is a great place to develop your skills and your network and so make use of that!

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