Meet Monica, a Graduate Business Analyst


Monica Diep

Graduate Business Analyst


I have always been fascinated by how things work and I love to question everything. I guess you could call me an ‘overthinker’ – I always consider hypothetical situations and the ‘what ifs’. For my role with Aviva this has proved a real strength.

As a Business Analyst, I need to see the big picture, but I also need to consider every detail. We have to make sure all perspectives – from the business, to the technical team, to the end user – are factored into any product or service we deliver.

Right now, I’m working on enriching the information on our Connect Adviser site. This will help to make life easier for our Advisers and reduce calls into the call centres. Working on delivering new features means that my day-to-day work is always changing. In turn, this means that I’m always having to learn, which I really enjoy. By the time a feature is being delivered, I can be on a totally different delivery. That means starting the process again and learning a whole new set of information and skills – something that makes sure I never stop growing and developing in my role.

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