Meet Camila, Graduate Technology Analyst

Camila joined our Technology team after graduating with a degree in Computer Science.



Graduate Technology Analyst

Deutsche Bank

Camila is seeing her impact on an international scale

Camila joined our Technology team looking to do work that mattered. Her experience has surpassed even her most ambitious aspirations. From day one of her internship, she was working on a global onboarding project that helped vet billions of euros in new clients more effectively and more efficiently, and she hasn’t looked back. Rotating through different areas of the business and eventually re-joining her internship team, her career has been defined by the enormous impact she’s had.

Everyone wants to do work that makes an impact. At Deutsche Bank, that’s what we’re interested in. From the day you join us, you’ll be supported and challenged to make a meaningful difference, no matter what you’re working on. That’s what Camila, a Graduate Technology Analyst, came to us looking for and that’s exactly what she found.

Choosing impact

Camila went to university intending to study Neuroscience but after taking a compulsory Computer Science module she fell in love with it and switched to this subject. Camila chose to focus on finance because, while technology companies were appealing, she realised that she wanted a position where she could play an important role. She wanted to join an institution whose decisions would have a large impact on people across the world.

“I wanted to be involved in the financial world. I felt like I could make an impact on everyone’s lives here because ultimately, we’re all affected by what happens in finance.”

Instant impact

Camila accepted a place on our Technology Internship Programme and immediately found what she was looking for. She worked on a team developing the bank’s first global onboarding application which automates the vetting and sign up of new clients. On the first day of her internship, she spoke with her Managing Director who briefed her like a member of the team.

“He was like ‘This is what we do. We’re rebuilding a system. There’s billions of euros on the line.’ I felt that sense of importance I was looking for.”

The programming Camila completed on her internship demanded she harness the foundations she’d learned at university while constantly developing new skills with the help of her manager and colleagues. She relished the challenge and the impact she had.

“Colleagues told me four years later ‘that system that you built - we use it as a template, when other people are doing similar things.’ I think that’s a really cool result of an internship.”

Global impact

That incredible responsibility was something that persuaded her to stay at Deutsche Bank. Since joining the graduate programme, she hasn’t looked back. Her manager has consistently treated her like any other team member and she’s able to see the direct impact her work has across projects.

For her second rotation, she re-joined the project she spent her internship on. Working in a different team, she can see the progress the project has made via the massively increased size of teams and new opportunities she has to make a difference.

“It does have a real-world impact. It’s important we do business with the right people to combat financial crime. This project is an important part of that. It impacts everyone, not just the bank.”

Putting people in a position to create impact they’re proud of is an essential part of how we as a bank fulfil our purpose and create positive impact. Camila’s internship and graduate experience is a testament to that.

“The program is built for you to try new things. Don’t be too hard on yourself or too serious. This is the time to do it.”

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