Meet Abe from the Internal Audit Programme

The NatWest graduate scheme has allowed me to experience working within a large organisation whilst also gaining a high level of support for professional development.


Abe Galloway

NatWest Group

I am aware that many fear by taking a role within a large employer they will not be provided with the 1-2-1 support they need, this could not be further from the truth at NatWest. We are provided with an extensive support network of graduates, management, and senior management. Not only have I been able to develop skills and knowledge related to my role but I have also completed additional learnings that will aid me with my future career.

What advice do you have for anyone considering applying?

Whilst its nothing new, I would really encourage everyone applying to be themselves during the application process. It is about you finding an employer that fits you as much as you being the right fit with the employer. I would encourage you to look into roles that are a bit different from what you think is a more traditional post-university route, now is the start of your career and the best time to try something new. I would also encourage you to make up your own opinion about areas of interest. Just because one person found an area interesting doesn’t mean you have too as well.

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