Meet Harry, a Graduate Software Engineer

Northrop Grumman was a business that I was already quite familiar with – particularly with its involvement as the sole producer of US naval aircraft during WWII and recent innovations such as the Tomcat and B-2 spirit. Being able to work in a sector that produces such new and exciting technology in a role that I’ve wanted to pursue from a young age was something that greatly excited me.


Graduate Software Engineer

Northrop Grumman

How did you find the recruitment and selection process?

The recruitment and selection process was very smooth for myself – I felt informed at all times as to what the status of my application was at and what I would expect to come soon. The assessors, particularly Andrew and Anne, made what is normally quite a stressful process a very pleasant one, which made the company even more appealing. I thought the coding tasks and interviews were all appropriate mediums to assess a candidate.

How has the induction set you up for success?

The induction has allowed myself and the other graduates to view more in-depth how and why the company operates in the sector, not just in our department but in others as well. It allowed myself to build a strong bond with the team, even in other office locations, so that now we are doing the training it’s easy to communicate, share ideas and solve tasks together.

Looking ahead to the programme, what are you most excited about?

I’m looking forward to developing software with my immediate grad team but also as a larger unit with others I haven’t met yet: The training I’ve received thus far makes me feel quite confident that we’ll be able to work together efficiently to resolve any problems that may occur, and where to reach for help if that’s not the case.

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