Meet James, a Graduate Software Engineer

I chose NG because of the range of incredible work done here. I was excited by the opportunities and possibilities of the company, there are very few places where you can experience this kind of work.


Graduate Software Engineer

Northrop Grumman

​​ How did you find the recruitment and selection process?

I think that the recruitment process for NG was one of the best I went through. It was simple and made sense, rather than having to go through several rounds of interviews and countless tests the process was streamlined and encouraging. The assessment centre I attended was my first ever and I found the process to be well handled and thought out, I got to meet people in the company who had been in the same position as me and they could answer my burning questions.

How has the induction set you up for success?

The induction set us up very well, we had the chance to meet our colleagues from across the company, not just grads from previous intakes but some of the company higher ups. This made the company feel very warm and welcoming for us and showed how much we are valued by the company. The activities planned for us were extremely useful and built a sense of collaboration and unity amongst the grads. The presentations gave us a good insight into the company and drew back the curtains on what happens here. The induction felt as though it was much a social experience as it was a professional one, this made for a very relaxed and welcoming time. It also showed me the range of opportunities here and how I can point my career and develop both personally and professionally.

Looking ahead to the programme, what are you most excited about?

I am most looking forward to getting stuck into the grad project. It will be the first opportunity to really immerse myself in the company and understand just how things work here. In addition to this, it will give me a flavour of the kind of work we do. Another thing I look forward to is the upskilling, the academy is designed to give us a full stack basis, and this is welcome for me as I mainly worked backend but I look forward to understanding the full development process.

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