Meet Nintsemon, a Graduate Software Engineer

I chose to apply to Northrop Grumman because of the amount of diversity in the company. For one of the world’s leading defence companies, I was amazed at how much the company was dedicated to achieving this. One of Northrop Grumman’s company values is, “We do what we promise”. I found the recruitment process very straight forward, the HR team at Northrop Grumman kept in regular contact with me, and I was given a point of contact in the HR team in case I had any queries.


Graduate Software Engineer

Northrop Grumman

The timeline from when I applied, to when I was contacted with the job offer was not long at all. During the induction process I found that everyone was very welcoming, it was great to also have the opportunity to network with other incoming graduates, graduates who are already a year in the scheme, and some senior directors of the company.

The sessions I enjoyed the most during the Induction week were the soft skills training sessions. One was about working collaboratively, and the other was about developing your personal brand. I found these sessions very beneficial, as not many companies offer graduates the chance to develop their soft skills, to help them adapt to the work environment. This made me content that I had made the right choice choosing Northrop Grumman, as they are a company who are willing to invest in their staff from the first day. I look forward to starting my rotations, as I’m currently completing my 4 week graduate group project.

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