Meet Fran, Summer Intern

I first heard about the company when I attended an event in Oxford, and found out about the summer internship. I had only done an eight hour course learning Python, so wasn’t sure if I would know enough, but I was given some code to talk through during the interview, and they offered me the internship!



Summer Intern


In my first week, I was working with another intern on the check-in screen that patients use when they arrive in a GP surgery. Starting to write code so soon was brilliant; it was what had attracted me to the job and it was good to know that I wouldn’t be spending my time fetching coffee! It was great to be given so much responsibility. I loved getting to see the project through from start to finish; knowing that patients across the country would benefit from the code I’d written.

Everyone is great at teaching and explaining. Working with experienced staff means you have constant help whenever you need it and there are some traditional tutorial style sessions for more general learning. Something I found a lot in my weeks at TPP was
that if you have a question, you should feel able to interrupt people working at their desks. This made me feel very welcome and meant that I got to know people in the company very quickly.

There are lots of social opportunities at TPP, from pub trips every Friday to a board games club every Wednesday – now with free food! I’ve really enjoyed my time here.

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