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University of Leeds – Medical Engineering



Business Analyst


I studied for a Masters of Medical Engineering at the University of Leeds. I really enjoyed living in Leeds, so I focused my job search in and around the city. The Graduate Analyst role at TPP stood out to me straight away - I have always been interested in healthcare, and the role seemed to have a large element of problem solving, which I had enjoyed at uni.

As an analyst, I help design software that is used in a clinical care setting, including GP practices, hospitals, elderly care home and mental health clinics. I really enjoy the journey of identifying a problem, designing a solution and then seeing a user benefiting in their day to day lives because of a change that I designed to SystmOne.

I work with people from across the different teams in the company, and it’s great to work together to tackle and solve a problem. Everyone is approachable and genuinely cares about the job they are doing and doing it well, and that comes across all the time. The company is great at looking after people's interests outside work and ensures everyone has a good work/life balance, processes are fair for everyone, and will change things that aren't working instead of just going along with things because 'that's how it is'.

In the last few years, I’ve worked on a variety of projects and been able to travel a lot – as Analysts, we are typically abroad for several weeks a year. My first international project was in Saudi Arabia. More recently, I’ve been working with a group of health centres in Qatar. I have worked with the doctors, nurses and administrative staff to adapt our functionality for the Qatari healthcare model. We have managed to help them go almost entirely paperless and introduced efficiencies that have saved days’ worth of work every month. It’s been great to go back out and hear their positive feedback. It makes the work I do really rewarding.

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