Meet Rosa, an Account Manager at TPP

University of Liverpool – Chemistry



Account Manager


I started as an Account Manager at TPP after finishing my degree in Chemistry. I enjoyed my degree but I wasn’t necessarily keen on pursuing a career in it as I didn’t want to be stuck away in a lab for the rest of my life. What I really wanted was a customer-facing role where I would be meeting and interacting with people every day. Healthcare is an area I have always been interested in, so working for this company is ideal.

For me, the best thing about working at TPP is the responsibility I have in my role. My team are always fully supportive and I always feel I can ask for help if needed. In my first few weeks I was completely managing my own time and workload, and had the opportunity to get involved in several big projects. Within a year of working at TPP I arranged and attended a trip to India with our CEO. This was as part of a trade mission with the Prime Minister.

As I am responsible for our customers in the South of England, I get to travel a lot for meetings which is something I really enjoy. I have been to lots of new places and met people from all levels within the NHS, including the Chief Executives of several Trusts. I am also responsible for managing national contracts and ensuring that we retain our current business, as well as expanding our customer base across the UK. I find that I am constantly challenged and every day is different which means coming to work is always interesting. TPP moves at such a fast pace and there are so many different opportunities. It’s really exciting to be a part of it all!

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