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  • How do I get a graduate job in media and publishing?

    If you're interested in working in TV, radio, newspapers, theatre, book publishing, online publishing or magazines, read on to find out more about graduate schemes in this creative area.


  • How do I get a graduate job in television?

    It seems that everyone aspires to a graduate job in television but persistent graduates get their foot in the door by doing work experience schemes and staying positive.


  • How do I get a graduate editorial job?

    Editorial roles are a popular choice for a lot of media-savvy graduates. At first glance it looks like a dream job – you’ve got power over content, you get to boss around writers, put in face time with clients and readers and bend copy to your will.


  • How do I get a graduate photography job?

    An eagle eye and an itchy trigger finger are essentials for the budding photographer, but when it comes to employment you need to be a pretty financially secure self-starter in order to make a living.


  • How do I get a graduate job in journalism and writing for the web?

    As a graduate, it’s important to make the distinction between writing and journalism. As a writer you’re unlikely to be out chasing leads and working stories. Likewise, as a journalist, you’re unlikely to be turning in short fiction or putting the sparkle on product descriptions.


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