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Nicknamed the ‘border city’ because of its close proximity to Scotland, Carlisle is the main cultural, industrial and commercial centre of north Cumbria.

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In a plan to secure its economic future, Carlisle’s council aims to increase the city’s population considerably over the next 20 years. The public sector is a major employment sector in Carlisle, with the city council and university attracting graduates seeking roles in education and administration.

Positions may also be available in knowledge-based industries: the Sellafield Nuclear Power Plant in nearby Seascale runs graduate training schemes in various areas including design, plant engineering, manufacturing and IT support.


Postgraduate study in and around Carlisle

A young institution, the University of Cumbria was formed in 2007 and encompasses St Martin’s College and Cumbria Institute of the Arts. There are two main faculties: education, arts and business; and health and science. Well regarded postgraduate courses include education, agriculture, and art and design.


Ten local graduate employers in Carlisle

  1. Carlisle City Council, Carlisle (Public sector)
  2. Cavaghan & Gray, Carlisle (Manufacturing; Sales; HR)
  3. Stobart Group plc, Carlisle (Transport; Logistics)
  4. Carrs Milling Industries plc, Carlisle (Agriculture; Engineering)
  5. Edwin Thompson Chartered Surveyors, Carlisle (Surveying; Engineering)
  6. University of Cumbria, Carlisle (Education)
  7. H & H Insurance, Carlisle (Financial services)
  8. Sellafield Ltd, Seascale (Engineering; Manufacturing)
  9. Cumberland Building Society, Carlisle (Finance)
  10. Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Carlisle (Public sector; Healthcare; HR)

(Note: these companies may not be currently recruiting. Their names have been provided as a guideline to the type of work available and what areas to look in.)


Moving to Carlisle

It’s on the map for…

  • Its beautiful castle and cathedral…
  • Being historically used as a base to defend the north of England from Scotland
  • Being within easy reach of the Lake District

It’s within commuting distance of…

  • Dumfries – 36 miles
  • Kendal – 47 miles
  • Seascale – 52 miles

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